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Ever been in a situation where you needed help fast ?
Needed assistance ? Been at a loss for words ?

Well, here’s the answer you have been waiting for !

You will ALWAYS know what to say and what to do with the help of
an invisible Bluetooth earpiece.


You’ve seen the movies; you’ve seen secret agents communicating covertly with one another in tight situations by using undetectable earpieces, giving them the edge over their adversaries. Well, now this cutting-edge micro technology is available to YOU !

The tiny invisible EarSpy earpiece uses state-of-the-art wireless Bluetooth technology and is completely undetectable. NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW you’re wearing one! You will be able to receive all the necessary information you need to help you through a tough situation - without being noticed! And it’s ridiculously easy to use! The micro-sized EarSpy invisible earpiece works with any Bluetooth enabled cell phone, MP3 player or audio device.


What is the Earspy Earpiece used for?


This tiny INVISIBLE earpiece is used for SECRET COMMUNICATION !


By using the Earspy invisible micro earpiece you will be able to receive secret information through your cell phone that no one else can hear !

It can be used for:


Get a little help from your friends! And NO ONE will ever know !



  • If you’re a student you will know what it’s like to be stuck in a really tough exam that you spent all night studying for and your mind just goes blank! Now you can easily get back on track with an invisible EarSpy earpiece - and a little help from your friends!
  • Ever been stared down by your opponent in a high stakes poker game and wondered whether to ante up - or fold? Well, now you can take the guesswork out of the bet with an undetectable micro EarSpy earpiece - and a little help from your friends!
  • Ever been bored in class or at work and wished you could listen to some music? Well, now you can listen to your MP3 player secretly, without the boss knowing - with the help of your invisible wireless Bluetooth EarSpy earpiece.



How have you possibly been getting by without an undetectable EarSpy Bluetooth earpiece kit all these years ?

    We all know what it’s like to be young! Too little time for fun and even less time for studying. And suddenly you’re stuck in the exam room with a blank page in front of you with your name written on it. You wish you had spent more hours working and less time partying! But it’s too late now. Or is it? No, all is not lost! You’ve rigged yourself out like a regular undercover agent with your invisible EarSpy earpiece and secret Bluetooth kit. You have your cell phone in your pocket and your friend is standing by! No, wait! Leave the cell phone and the friend for another day !  



Today, you have your EarSpy micro earpieces in place and your Bluetooth MP3 player in your pocket with your recorded notes to help jog your memory. You’ve even recorded your notes in sections so you can skip from file to file by selecting the next/previous track button on your MP3’s! How clever is that? You begin to smile. A blank exam paper? No problem. You’ve got it covered !


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Get that perfect dream job by getting help during your interview!


Do you have your eye on a great job but you’re worried about the tough interview? Worried that they may throw questions at you that you don’t have all the answers to? Some job interviews feel more like an interrogation than an interview! And being nervous does not help. Don’t worry! Turn the odds in your favor by getting help from a knowledgeable colleague or friend via your secret EarSpy earpiece.


How Does the Earpiece Work ?

The Earspy earpiece is used in the same way as any other hands-free Bluetooth device, together with your Bluetooth enabled cell phone, MP3 player, or any Bluetooth audio device. The earpiece is micro-sized - about the size of a pea - and its skin color makes it completely invisible to others. Connect the set to your cell phone and you’re ready to receive secret calls! The wireless Bluetooth EarSpy earpiece receives signals from your phone through a transmitter. What could be easier ?


This micro-sized spy earpiece may be the best
friend you’ll ever have ! And it’s so easy to
put into practice.



All you do is arrange with someone to give you SECRET INFOMATION by simply using your cell phone. Conceal the transmitter cord under your clothes; put the invisible wireless EarSpy earpiece in your ear, (the micro earpiece is designed to fit snugly inside your ear canal) and you’re ready. Before you sit down for that tough exam or play a hand of high stakes poker, make a call to your friend on your cell phone. The ultra sensitive microphone will pick up everything you say, even the slightest whisper! You can also use the silent beeper for simple yes/no responses. Your friend can then give you the necessary information over the phone and you will hear it clearly through your invisible EarSpy earpiece. The EarSpy earpiece is extremely sensitive - only YOU will hear what is being said over the phone. No one else will hear a thing !



For YOUR ears only !

What makes the EarSpy earpiece sound technology so special and sets it apart from the rest? These hi-tech micro engineered earpieces have been designed to make it scientifically impossible for anyone to overhear anything - unless they are standing closer than 3 centimeters from your ear! The EarSpy micro earpieces do not generate audible sound waves! These technologically advanced micro earpieces generate vibrations which are picked up by the eardrum, registering perfect quality sound. That means that it is impossible for anyone other than you to hear what’s being said !


Who uses the Earpiece ?

Students, gamblers, security officers, motivational speakers, lawyers, business men and women, negotiators - ANYONE who needs the inside track to secret information instantly. Without anyone else knowing !


Get your micro-sized invisible earpiece today and put it to WORK for you!

  No one likes to lay out money without seeing REAL returns, right? We all want value for our hard-earned cash. Well, with the EarSpy micro-sized earpiece kit you will see REAL value and REAL returns right away - and REAL cash-back benefits when you use the indivisible EarSpy earpiece in the right situations.    

Get value for Money:

  All this giveaway price, the EarSpyinvisible earpiece will earn its money back tenfold in no time! You'll thank EarSpy when your rapport card grades improve dramatically or you get that degree you have been working so hard towards. By using an EarSpy earpiece it could make the difference between repeating another year at college - or getting that degree! Just think of all the money you’ll be saving on another year’s rent, living expenses and tuition fees !  


Enjoy the sweet taste of success:

Increase your business success and have the edge in big negotiations by getting the inside information covertly through your EarSpy earpiece !


Earn Money:

Put your EarSpy invisible earpiece to work for you and earn BIG money by winning more poker hands than you ever thought possible - by receiving information that will give you a secret advantage over your opponents.



EarSpy is a Lifetime Investment! Get cash back!

    Not only will EarSpy be one of the best investments you will ever make, this EarSpy product also comes with a lifetime guarantee! But once EarSpy has met your needs you may no longer need its services. Get your full investment back by selling it to someone else – with the complete Lifetime Guarantee in place! This product’s Lifetime Guarantee will automatically be transferred to the new owner! It’s a WIN-WIN-WIN situation! Buy it, use it, benefit from it – and recover your full investment by selling it when you no longer need it. How can you lose?  



With your earpiece kit you will get:

  3 INDESTRUCTIBLE earpieces with a lifetime warranty. This includes 2 x NANO earpieces (7mm x 5mm) & 1 NORMAL sized earpiece (9mm x 7mm). The NANO earpieces are so minute, they are impossible to detect when being worn. All earpieces are magnetic, making them very easy to insert and remove.  
  To remove the EarSpy earpiece, you simply hold the Normal magnetic earpiece within 5 cm of the ear, and it will magnetically attract the NANO earpiece - extracting it quickly and easily from the ear as if by magic! Unlike other micro ear products, there is absolutely no risk or health hazard involved in wearing these hi-tech micro-sized EarSpy earpieces, and they do not cause ear wax problems.  
  Complete Bluetooth compatibility with all Bluetooth enabled audio devices, including your cell phone and MP3 player.
  Extremely sensitive microphone - it will pick up even the softest whisper !
Soundless beeper for simple yes/no communications !
Guaranteed 24/7 IM support and assistance !
And you get this complete EarSpy kit at an UNBEATABLE price !





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